Year 2’s Castle AND Mountain Scenes

Any of you notice a difference to last year’s post?

Yep, we’ve added the castles to the mountains! (We did this last year, I just didn’t get around to uploading the updated work)!!!



e-safety sound recording

Here is Joydeep’s remarkable e-safety PowetPoint.

We have been learning how to combine the presentation of our e-safety knowledge with sound recording using Audacity. I have converted his presentation into a video.  Pretty cool hey!

Computer Programming

bird          Okay chaps…..          bird

Pop along HERE to learn how to code.  It really is a GREAT site.


The skills get progressively harder, so make sure you work through the problems one at a time!!!

My year 2s are starting with the maze – followed by stage 9 (The Farmer).

Year 5s might be interested in the “mathematical” set of challenges.

You can try them ALL if you want!


**DON’T forget to log onto Scratch in order to make up your own games…….

New Year

Happy New Year everyone.  I do hope you had a great summer.

This half term most of us will get cracking with a little e-safety revision.  year 4s will be making a poster in Publisher and year 5s and 6s will be using the same skills but making a presentation using custom animation for the TV in the front office.

Year 3s will be making a book about rainforests and year 2s are learning to use IT for art work.  They’ll be making castle scenes

Year 1s?  Well they’ll be learning to log onto the network and use the mouse properly.  Simples.